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Six Months on

Posted on August 31, 2014 at 6:15 AM

So it's been nearly six months, and I've been pretty quiet over social media and via this website, and it's all been because of a downward spiral of ill health due to..... I'm not sure what, a combination of a turn in my condition, working too much and not taking care of myself. But essentially, I needed to have an above knee amputation. 

Having left the hospital and being a home, it's not been the easiest time emotionally and physically, and the motivation I needed just wasn't there. It shatters your confidence slightly and you get to a place where not much matters. But when you have your family and friends around, things you enjoy doing and the ability to set small and achieveable challenges for yourself and end up achieving them, then it's not too bad.. 

1) Get into the Car/drive Check

2) Cook/prepare good food alone (unlike the crap theyh serve in hospital) Check

3) Get back to work Check 

4) Get back to dance  Check-ish.... 

Having said that, a lot of Netflix-Amazon Prime Video-DVD Collection-Online Catchup watching to pass the days - (happily I might add), has been all to easy to fall into and definitely hard to break out of! I can list far to m any serieses that I've started and finished this summer that I care to admit, and as it goes, probably not the proudest of moments or achievements (however much I enjoyed jamming there!) 

It's been a bit of a downer over the summer to say no to work and decline offers of employment or opportunities and I think I've known in theory that, that's what you need to do to filter out the things that may not be a priority or what I need now, but to concentrate on what I want and need to do - its just puttting it into practice - it's hard when everything seems like a good idea at the time! 

I have a tendency to take on too much and try and do everything... but the operation and the everything up until this point has really put things into perspective. 

So this week in particular has been pretty crazy - last couple of days even - starting with the ICE Bucket Challenge: 

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Craizness.... then prep for the Liberty Festival. All in all a crazy half a year, but hey, continue on  :)

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