Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer

Bio, Experience and CV

Ethnicity: Filipino/British
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair colour: Black

Glasses/Contact Lenses

Distinguishing features:

Wheelchair User and above right knee amputee

“I strive to be more than what the wheelchair I sit in represents and to inspire everyone not only the disabled, to realise their physical/artistic capabilities, as I have and will continue to do“

LauraDDances (Laura Dajao) is a freelance inclusive dance artist  influenced by Hip Hop, Contemporary styles and other specific dance forms such as Dancehall, Waacking and Locking. 

She looks to fuse movement from different styles to create her own vocabulary using her wheelchair to make cross collaborative art as an professional dance artist. Taking inspiration from Sign language, theatre, music and storytelling and spoken word. She looks to make work through Collaboration and exploration of these styles. 

Based in East London, she has trained and performed with East London Dance, Candoco, Gloucestershire Dance, Moxie Brawl, Casson & Friends, and Stopgap across various platforms around the UK and online and is currently Associate Director of Sardines Dance Collective

She continues to educate herself in other styles and collaborating with artists of different art forms to better inform her dance style, creating work that aims to be inclusive and accessible. 

Photo Credit: Christian Otsmo


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