Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer

Freelance Work 

In 2021 - Laura was asked to perform as part of the Punk Alley Cast with RnD and rehearsals in Nottingham SQUIRE and Pavillion Dance South West. 

Performing at 2021 A Bit of A Do at Stanley Arts as part of Drunken Chorus' Inclusive Arts Festival. 

Applying for the role, Laura was invited to be part of the Better Health campaign by Public Health England

Another campaign applied for, she was photographed for the 2020 shoot during the pandemic.

Applying for a role in this online Advert with Estasy Films she landed this role which collaboratively centred around her 

Invited by Tim Casson to assist choreograph the routine, they worked to teach and perform the routine for CHage 4 Life.

A passion project that saw LauraDDances curate and produce a Launch event for the Finding My Strength song, with the Line up of artists who work within the Rich Mix Building (at the time) to give them a platform and to celebrate the talent that exists within an Arts Organisation both in the offices and Front of House. 

Step Change Studios: India Independence Day October 2017 

Invited to take part in the Celebrations of India's Independence at the Royal Festival Hall, the festivities we collaborative and was a incredible production to be a part of

After meeting Tim Cassopn through Stopgap Dance Company who had worked to created this work originally, Laura was chosen to be part of the cast having auditioned after the first tour.

Stopgap: Paralympic Heritage Flame Ceremony September 2016

 Invited as a fellow inclusive dance artist, Laura performed with Stopgap at Stoke Manderville for the hand over Flame ceremony en route to Rio after the Paralympic Legacy       story had been told through dance and the Heritage Flame Event. 

MS Society & People Dancing - Adaption  December 2015

Bringing Marso and Laura back together after he had mentored her on her Running Low On Fuel Project, The MS Society UK and People Dancing's collaboration. celebrated Hip artists and inclusive culture through Adaption

State Of Emergency: Choices and Consequences November 2015

   The first inclusive project centred around a company of dancers focusing on Hip Hop and storytelling of a unique cast that had both a professional Performance in Choises and Consequences and an outreach programme reaching out to young people and artists 

Stopgap Dance: Seafarers June 2015

Candoco: Paralympic Closing Ceremony - Yellow 2012

Candoco: Paralympic Closing Ceremony - Coldplay Viva La Vida 2012