Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer

LauraDDances in Lockdown: A Dance A Day Series

A Dance for a Donation! 
Request your song by donating to the MS Society UK

For a donation to the MS Society UK I'll create a dance/video of a freestyle to any song. 

Write the name of the song and artist, as a note on your donation and your social media handles (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and I’ll tag you when I’m done!

If you want to support the work that I do , you can donate to My Payal and funds can be split:

**50% of the donation to the MS Society UK
50% will fund LauraDDances to support my work as an artist to continue to create work

But videos will only be made and posted if I receive the notification of your donation!

As a Thank You I’d like to send you a gift in a *Free Wristband! 

*When you make a donation you'll return to a page where you can

purchase a wristband of your choice and I will reimburse you for the price of one (@ £1.75 - without P+P) 

I will retain the P+P (Postage and Packaging) to help me send this to you.

Donate to Support


LauraDDances and MS Society UK


***MS Society UK Directly

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and since then I’ve been able to work, live and dance with support of the people around me, the MS Society UK and a little bit of stubborn hard headedness!

In short, I am a freelance inclusive dance artist influenced by dance styles like hip hop, contemporary, waacking, locking and dancehall and other forms that interest me like, theatre, films, spoken word and music.

I create work that combines these and in lockdown (due to Covid 19) I have been self isolating to stay safe and healthy.

Having said that it limits that amount of space I can dance in - and the only space I prefer is my balcony. So I started A Dance A Day based on a challenge I saw 

Si Rawlinson start (he's awesome - follow him on Instagram - to create a dance/video of a freestyle to a whole song start to finish. 

Naturally this became difficult to keep up due to... life... so I came up with this - 2 ways to donate:

*1) Donate via PayPal where the donation will be split between the MS Society UK and LauraDDances

**half to the MS Society UK and half to LauraDDances

*** 2) Donate via my JustGiving Page

This venture is not just a fundraising campaign but I feel mutually beneficial, keeping me active and donating to the ms society - I hope you can share this and I hope I can keep up!

Please understand that it takes a little while to edit, film and to make donations but I’ll endeavour to have your requests fulfilled within 1-7 days of receiving your donation - depending on how many requests I receive a week. But keep you updated!

I’ll aim to post videos on a THURSDAY but will accept requests/donations all week long.

Remember to leave your socials/contact details so I can send/tag you in the footage. As a thank you I’d like to send you a free FMS Wristband please don’t forget to follow the link to this page after you make your donation (if it you decide you want one) and purchase your wristband - it'll be refunded to you without P+P - £1.75:

These videos will be resident on my YouTube Channel so I will be able to send them to you even if you are not on social media!

Looking forward to keeping the momentum going for this!

Stay safe, stay home, sending lots of love!!