Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer



Marionette was Laura's first solo. New to creating and choreographing work, she went under the name DaJance Arts Collective. 

Inspired by the lyrics of The Civil Wars song Marionette, Laura features the song as well as others to tell her story. 

First formed as part of Blueprint 2013, East London Dance's platform showcasing young choreographers.


A autobiographical piece of her experiences to reflect someone's journey through MS, from the spasms, confusion and anger to an acceptance of the condition. 

Music: Voodoo Jailtime - Daniel Licht, Marionette - The Civil Wars 

Other Platforms 

She was invited to perform at Gloustershire Star College after working with them on Stuck In The Mud and as part of her Sadler's Wells Wild Card - Take a closer look event which she curated, produced and performed in