Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer


Originally created for Big Dance at Liberty Festival 30th August 2014, Missing draws upon a recent true event in Laura's life and the concept of uncertainty and indecision, not knowing what to do next.

Missing premiered as a feature long piece as part of Sadlers Wells festival =dance : Statement Pieces, featuring music written and performed by both Junior Williams and Laura Dajao. With live performances from Junior Williams (Jazz Singer) and Oktawia Petronella (Classical Singer and Pianist) - the solo expands on the concept of the performance above. Further delving into a narrative based performance depicting the different emotions that unravel as one goes through a traumatic event, through a fusion of sign language, hip hop and contemporary dance styles.

Introducing Hearns Sebuado as an integral part of the feedback process for =dance, Laura collaborates and focuses on the song Finding My Strength by Junior Williams performed at Incloodu- a deaf arts festival at Rich Mix 24th January 2015. Here - Hearns Sebuado choreographs on Laura focusing on the fusion of Hip Hop vocabulary and sign language to further develop this excerpt.

Laura performed with Hearns Sebuado as of the =dance festival at Sadlers Wells - Equation Dance on Saturday 21st March 2015, 5pm at Sadlers Wells Lilian Baylis Studio where she combines the duet with her solo focusing on the emotional journey of being content to feeling like something is missing

Video by Matthew Lai 

For more information about the Music: Finding my Strength - JK featuring Laura Dajao