Laura Dajao

@LauraDDances - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Performer

My philosophy and work:

I strongly believe that anyone can dance, regardless of age, race, disability. 

I work in adapting movements to try and fit any body so there shouldn't be restrictions and boundaries when it comes to expressing oneself through the medium of dance.

Based in east London, I grew up with hip hop and is the style that feels most natural for me to do. But i don't think I have explored it enough and have in the past been restricted by movement and aesthetic.

I want to be able to learn about the foundation of where movement comes from, the essence of a certain movement, strip it down to it's core principle in order to project it in a way that's possible for me. It'll then be possible to teach others.

There are many styles that I've been able to dance in but want to further explore;
African, breaking, krump, dancehall street, Locking and tutting.

At the moment I'm really keen to create cross-collaborative art, and the question that I'm interested in at the moment is:

How do I use sign language and translate it through dance?

Recently joining Kaos Choir and working with Chisato Minamura on Stuck in the Mud, I have developed a keen interest in how sign language can be used in dance.

Exploring the use of different dance genres to help me answer this question is an ongoing endeavor of mine, and I believe there isn't just one answer, but many and how your combine those answers will determine how interesting it will be.

This is also a part of the cross collaborative nature of the work I wish to create in the long term, and hope to be able to work with artists who are open minded about their art to find ways of answering questions like this. I find it both exciting and challenging and hopefully groundbreaking.

For my work so far as a Solo artist please visit the link to my Previous Work click here

For my work dancing for other companies including Casson&Friends, Stopgap and Candoco Click here.

For my work as an Emerging Choreographer with State of Emergency and GDance click here

Disability and dance

Debates these days around inclusivity and integration within disability arts all centre on how to teach technique that it made on the model of a dancers body.

I firmly believe that there's no such thing as a dancer's body and that any-body can dance. It's just a case of how. Stripping away the aesthetic and the way something should look should be the primary focus in how we as artists pass on our knowledge and spread the word about dance.

So labels like "inclusivity" and "integration" can be a thing of the past and dance is an embodiment of the word, not needing to pigeon hole certain companies under certain umbrellas.

Hopefully there will be a time when this is possible, when dance is just dance regardless of who is performing - appreciated and respected for it's integrity and worth.

For examples of the work I have done regarding Disability and Multiple Sclerosis in particular, please visit MS and Dance

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